The Making of “Looking for a Dream” – Track #1

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I remember writing the song “Looking for a Dream” at my parents’ house in the country, around five years ago. It was a cold, snowy winter night, I’d just come home, there was no sound and it was almost oppressive. It’s precisely this sultry, oppressive atmosphere I wanted to translate in the music and lyrics of this song. Against the backdrop of the repetitive bombings as well as of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with echoes to Thoreau’s and Orwell’s books, it’s a violent and incisive introduction to the album’s context. Some of you will probably recognize Donald Trump’s and/or Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s voices, which contribute to shaping the protagonist’s confusion, who’s desperately looking for a dream in a world dominated by violence and injustice. Sadly, it’s always the same scenes, the news does not show anything positive, and he/she will have to seek somewhere else, away from the TV set. But where exactly? Even in his/her sleep, the dream does not appear, and the song ends on an Orwellian note with contradictions (“war for peace or fight the terror”) which suggest that this search will not end without compromising, just in the same way as dreams never come true without compromising.

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