[David Lombard’s] strong songwriting should certainly garner him global attention as he parallels the greatness of many of the current country-rock, indie-folk stars that exist today.

– Tom Haugen (Take Effect, United States)

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David Lombard is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, composer, bandleader, and arranger based in Liège, Belgium. Trippy yet direct, introspective yet minimalist, his singing, melodic (mainly fingerpicking) guitar playing, and composing styles were born at the intersection of his passions for Americana music and indie rock. Since he is also a writer and a researcher in literature, his songwriting has been said to be highly literary, deploying effective poetic images and/or engaging storytelling.    


David was first musically trained at a private school (2010 – 2015), the Atelier Rock in Huy, Belgium, where he took individual singing and guitar lessons that were primarily focused on a pop/rock music repertoire. After that, he became a self-taught musician and learnt to play other instruments such as the electric bass, the piano, the harmonica, and the banjo, while discovering varied musical traditions ranging from country music and classical music to jazz and blues. More recently, he has started learning more about music theory and the history of music, as well as to play the violin at the Académie Grétry in Liège, Belgium (2020 – ongoing). 


As a bandleader and composer, David Lombard’s self-titled project reflects the singer-songwriter’s genuinely “gritty folk-rock quality that we could never tire of” (Tom Haugen, Take Effect, United States). Its well-received debut album “Looking for a Dream” was released in 2019 on the independent record labels “Homerecords” (CD) and “Freaksville Publishing” (digital). It contains these mid-tempo intense and uplifting “tracks that drive out your fears and doubts, and replace them with a dreamer’s confidence and belief” (Tom Hilton, Aldora Britain Records, United Kingdom).


As a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and arranger, David has collaborated with a variety of projects either occupying long-term positions or performing as a substitute/invited musician. These include the alt/rock band “Alterlight”, the pop/rock band “Constantine”, the indie folk solo project “Benni”, the alt-country band “Everyone Is Guilty”, and the French chanson band “Los Pepes”. 


Lastly, David Lombard is the co-founder, along with fellow musicians François-Xavier Thimister and Paolo De La Croix, of “Long Bird Records”, a Liège-based music collective started in 2019. While still developing, it currently consists of three Belgian projects (“David Lombard”, “Constantine”, and “Alterlight”) that have so far shared musicians, interests, and good times. “Long Bird Records” engages in activities such as music production, and the organization of small festivals and concerts at local venues.

“[David Lombard] could sit comfortably amongst some classic forefathers of this acoustic singer-songwriter genre.”

– Tom Hilton (Aldora Britain Records, United Kingdom)