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David Lombard’s self-titled project’s backbone rests on melodic guitar fingerpicking and a soulfully expressive “Don McLean-like voice” (Bernard Dagnies, Musiczine [FR\BE]), a combination resulting in the singer-songwriter’s genuinely “gritty folk-rock quality that we could never tire of” (Tom Haugen, Take Effect [US]). Inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and The War On Drugs, as well as by Henry D. Thoreau, and Emily Dickinson, he has been performing his heartfelt but humble songs alone throughout Belgium since 2012, and accompanied by a band since 2018.


David Lombard’s well-received debut album “Looking for a Dream” was released in 2019 on the independent record labels “Homerecords” (CD) and “Freaksville Publishing” (digital). It is a concept album featuring solo acoustic as well as electric (with a full band) versions of mid-tempo intense and uplifting “tracks that drive out your fears and doubts, and replace them with a dreamer’s confidence and belief” (Tom Hilton, Aldora Britain Records [UK]). 


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[Lombard’s] strong songwriting should certainly garner him global attention as he parallels the greatness of many of the current country-rock, indie-folk stars that exist today.” – Tom Haugen (Take Effect, US)


[Lombard] could sit comfortably amongst some classic forefathers of this acoustic singer-songwriter genre.” – Tom Hilton (Aldora Britain Records, UK)


« Grâce à une orchestration chargée en finesse et un travail vocal poussant l’exercice d’intonation à son extrême, David Lombard nous offre [avec « Looking for a Dream »] un très beau recueil rendant honneur à toutes les grandes figures du rock américain […]. Profil bas jeune-homme ! » – Philippe Thirionet (9/10 on Music in Belgium, BE)


« Là où la pop peine à se renouveler et à proposer quelque chose de nouveau, ce sont des artistes comme David Lombard qui nous rappellent qu’il existe encore autre chose à écouter. Alors prenez le temps d’aller poser vos tympans sur Looking For A Dream, la promenade en vaut largement la peine. » – Antoine Champion (Musically Yours, BE)


« [T]outes ces chansons sont enrichies par la superbe voix de David, dont le timbre versatile rappelle un certain Don McLean… » – Bernard Dagnies (Musiczine, BE/FR)


« David Lombard nous rappelle bien humblement Bob Dylan. » – Branchés Culture, BE


David Lombard have appeared on/in numerous radios, TV programs, newspapers and music blogs such as Jam radio (RTBF), Classic 21 (RTBF), RTC Liège, Vivacité-Liège, ConcertZender (from the Netherlands), Le Metro, and Focus Vif. He is also the subject of a Gsara documentary