Alterlight (2017–2022)


Alterlight is a group marked as much by the alternative rock of the 1990s (Weezer, Placebo, Muse, …) as by the sounds of the 2000s (Coldplay, Linkin Park, BMTH, …). The band recorded its debut EP in 2016 (“Grace”) and its second EP “Fragments” in 2022. 

I was a band member, played various instruments (live and studio), sang backing vocals, and wrote and reviewed lyrics for Alterlight between 2017 and 2022. Although I officially left the band in the summer of 2022 so as to focus on other projects, I still occasionally collaborate with Alterlight for specific tasks (e.g., writing and correcting lyrics and as a subsitute musician for some concerts).

I played the solo guitar (tracks 2-6), the acoustic guitar (track 7), the electric bass (tracks 5 & 7), the banjo (track 7), recorded backing vocals (tracks 2, 5, and 6), and wrote/reviewed the lyrics (tracks 2-7) on Alterlight’s latest EP “Fragments”: 

Fragments - Alterlight

I also appeared in the following videos:

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