The Making of “Looking for a Dream” – Track #4

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“Happening Somehow” illustrates my collaboration with other musicians on the album “Looking for a Dream.” While the acoustic version of the song was much slower, and more melancholic, the band transformed the song into something much more dynamic, with an American/country vibe. At first, we tried to record the song with a slow/mid-tempo but, thanks to Philippe Corthouts, it turned out to be what it was supposed to be. “Happening Somehow” is also one of the band’s favorite songs, and a form of release for me.

The lyrics were also, at the beginning, quite obscure. During an interview with Aldora Britain Records, I was asked to tell what the song was all about. I always prefer not to tell everything so that the listener can have his/her own interpretation of the lyrics. However, I just answered that the song explores the diverse responses one may have to a painful past, to a burden he/she would have no choice but carrying. While some people try religion, others just travel all around the world in search of a new self, and the rest just hopes it disappears with time. The song also aims to display an evolution from resignation (hence the title “Happening Somehow”) to a certain kind of optimism. Our neighbors may not always have more chance than we have (in fact, they sometimes have less), resignation therefore implies that you have to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt. Nonetheless, I added a line at the end of the song which is meant to suggest a more positive ending/opening, some closure provided by the support of someone else and which may help the protagonist to move on.

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