Constantine (2018–2019)

Constantine is an indie rock band based in Liège and Brussels, Belgium, which was founded in 2017. The band is fascinated by Phoenix’s refined pop, Parcels’ dandy-funk, and Altin Gün’s psychedelic rock music and plays singular guitar riffs on a disco-funk background.

I played the electric bass, sang backing vocals, and reviewed lyrics for Constantine from 2018 to 2019. Although I officially left the band so as to focus on other projects in 2018, I still often collaborate with its bandleader, François-Xavier Thimister, who is also the lead guitarist of my self-titled project, and its keyboard player, Jérôme Heller.

I performed many lives with the band, recorded a song (“Quarantaine”) with them that was released on a compilation album distributed by the administration of the city of Liège (Les Sessions d’Été), and recorded four live sessions at the Palais des princes-évêques in Liège: 


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